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XS08 – Indoor bike

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Spinning bike sessions that motivate through connectivity If users are looking for fun, with the perfect combination of the XS08’s perfect biomechanics and its union with the Bkool and Zwift virtual training platform, they will enjoy bike sessions brimming with motivation and entertainment: motivational videos and music to create the most conducive environment and set the pace, while following each other in a crescendo of rhythm and excitement until they reach the goal. Inspired by the movement of road cycling and triathlon, the XS08 is a high-performance indoor bike for professional athletes and a power-boosting trainer for all types of athletes. With more accurate performance data than any other indoor bike, the XS08 provides exceptional results for facilities working with cycle-specific training, high-intensity interval training and endurance training. It offers a set of unique features such as its splash-proof frame coating that protects it from moisture damage, its POLY-V® belt drive system that through the 6 Kevlar cord Poly-V grooved belts has been designed to offer an incredibly smooth and fluid ride with an extremely realistic feel. The Kevlar cords are stronger and last longer than the materials traditionally used in belt drive systems, resulting in a virtually maintenance-free product, which does not need to be tensioned or lubricated.





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– Flywheel of approx. 24 kg
– Mobile phone holder on the handlebar
– Handlebar pulse sensor
– 3-piece bottom bracket
– Magnetic brake.
– Millimetric height adjustment of the handlebars.
– Millimetric adjustment of the saddle in height and depth.
– Maximum height between the saddle and the pedal in its highest position:
– Resistance adjustment with graduated adjustment knob.
– 2 front transport wheels for easy transport.
– Mounted dimensions: 94x55x118cm
– Recommended hours of use: 10h/week
– Maximum user weight: 120kg
– Pre-assembled machine